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This frontier was created on 26th April 1971 as North East Frontier in the wake of uprising of Mukti Bahini in Bangladesh. Later on North East Frontier was bifurcated into two separate Ftrs i.e. AMM&N and TCM in June 1983. AMM&N Frontier was further renamed as AM Frontier on 6th may 2006.

The Assam and Meghalaya Frontier is responsible for 577 kms of International border with Bangladesh. This includes 134 kms in Dhubri district of Assam which includes 57.1 kms of reverine border in the mighty Brahmaputra and 443 kms of land border in Meghalaya state. One Bn is also deployed in Nagaland for counter-insurgency duties. The frontier also has a well-equipped Water Wing based at Dhubri for effective domination of the reverine borders. In order to counter illegal migration from across the border through reverine areas of the frontier especially along the river Brahmaputra.

The frontier has also been contributing to the call of the nation in times of natural disasters and has also been assisting the civil authorities in maintaining law and order in any State of the Country. For reaching out to the natural disasters, 01 Battalion based at Guwahati has been reoriented as "Disaster Management Battalion" for which training of personnel and procurement of sophisticated equipments are almost near completion.


In its continued terror activities, the banned ULFA unfurled the year 2007 with the targeting of Hindi speaking people. In the first week of Jan 2007, at least 70 innocent peoples were killed in Upper Assam districts alone. Following the volatile and unprecedented eruptions, the state Govt had requisitioned BSF to assist the state administration in maintaining law and order. Subsequently, 05 BSF Bns, comprising 25 Coys were deployed at trouble torn Dibrugarh, Tinsukia, Shivsagar, Nalbari, Darrang, Kamrup, Bongaogaon, Goalpara, Kokrajhar, Lakhimpur, Dhemaji and Sonitpur districts of the state. To thwart any attempt of the ULFA to disrupt the 33rd National Games, one BSF Battalion was specially deputed for security coverage of the just concluded Games venue at Guwahati. BSF Water Wing crafts and personnel also sealed off the Brahmaputra approach. Two additional companies of the force were also deployed on the Assam - Meghalaya border adjoining the sports venue i.e in the areas of Dispur and Khanapara. The mega national event passed off peacefully despite the ULFA's threats.

Subsequent to the deployment of BSF in upper Assam, the situation in the region gradually gaining normalcy. BSF troops deployed in C I Role in the state have made the following achievements: -

Apprehension of Militants: -



05 activists



01 activist


Suspected UG  

01 (Apprehended on 6th March 07)

Recovery of Arms/Amn/Explosive : -



01 (Country made) along with

01 live  round (On 6th March 07)


Explosive material  

19.5 Kgs (in two cases)


Narcotic items  

38 Kgs (Hemp)


Following the post Kargil recommendations of the GOM (Group of Minister's), on the issue of one force one task, all earlier deployment of BSF on CI was de-inducted from Manipur in the year 2003. However with the fallout of the Thangjaom Manoharma Devi incident in July 2004, BSF had to make a come back to assist the civil authorities in maintaining law and order in the state. Initially BSF was called for just a period of three months to pacify the agitation following the alleged rape and murder of Manorama Devi by the troops of Assam Rifles. However, BSF continued to be retained in the state due to public pressure and the civil administration for its goodwill earned during the period of its deployment in the years 2000 to 2003 in Manipur. Shri P K Mishra, IG the then DIG BSF Manipur was instrumental in containing the militancy and to earn the good will of Manipur population. Because of the deployment on C I Role and subsequent depletion of force along Indo- BD border, the BSF has been requesting the Home Ministry to de-induct BSF from Manipur, where as the political leadership of Manipur have been pressing for deployment of more BSF Battalions rather than the de-induction of already deployed Battalions on C I Role in Manipur. This shows the good will and public image earned by BSF during its past and present stint in Manipur. Presently 04 Battalions of BSF are involved in CI Operations in the valley Distts of Thoubal, Imphal East, Imphal West, Bishnupur and Town area of C C Pur.

The deployment of BSF Battalions is in thickly populated areas of the valley, which promotes safe heaven for insurgents who take shelter and enjoy the public patronage. Taking cover of the public, the UG's have on many occasions targeted BSF troops. BSF troops have maintained restrain in firepower while engaged in encounters with UG's in populated areas. BSF has been directly following the WHAM (Wining Hearts and Minds of Peoples) doctrine while dealing with insurgents in the insurgency scenario thereby causing least collateral damage to the general public. Nevertheless, BSF has had to pay the prize by loosing its men in encounters. BSF had to bear the loss of one jawan and injury to another during encounters with UG's during the year 2006.

During the year 2006, BSF apprehended

KNA 01
KLA Caders 03


  • During rainy season, for more than six months, River Brahamputra remains in full spate, inundating vast areas extending up to 40 to 45 Kms in Dhubri Distt.

  • Permanent settlement on the 'CHAR' land is not possible as the river changes its course and thus removing and re-establishing the Charlnds.

  • Due to land area being interspersed with water channels, cross-country movement is difficult.

  • Current in the river water is very fast.

  • Eddy-currents in the river are dangerous for small boats and swimmers.

  • Sudden-cuts on riverbank make walking along the banks very perilous.

  • Flash floods can cause loss of life and property.

  • Due to lack of vegetation on Charlands, observation is enhanced


          The honor of commanding first this frontier goes to Shri Ranjit Singh, IPS. Details of tenure of command by various IsG over this frontier are as under.

1.      Shri Ranjit Singh, IPS                              : 26.04.1971 to 02.02.1974

2.      Shri R C Gopal, IPS                                : 18.03.1974 to 15.02.1977

3.      Shri N C Mishra, IPS                                : 15.02.1977 to 18.06.1977

4.      Shri H R K Talwar, IPS                            : 12.09.1977 to 10.11.1979

5.      Shri N C Pal, IPS                                     : 10.11.1979 to 11.04.1980

6.      Shri B C Sarma, IPS                               : 11.04.1980 to 10.04.1985

7.      Shri R P Sharma, IPS                             : 10.04.1985 to 24.07.1985

8.      Shri C Z Ghafoor, IPS                             : 24.07.1985 to 14.11.1985

9.      Shri R P Sharma, IPS                              : 17.11.1985 to 01.01.1986

10.    Shri C Z Ghafoor, IPS                             : 01.01.1986 to 30.06.1988

11.    Shri F T R Colaso, IPS                           : 10.07.1988 to 17.02.1989

12.    Shri Net Ram Singh, BSF                       : 17.02.1989 to 31.07.1990

13.    Shri Chaman Lal, IPS                              : 31.07.1990 to 07.08.1991

14.    Shri V K Rajgopalan, IPS                        : 07.08.1991 to 25.05.1992

15.    Shri Ranju Das, IPS                                 : 26.05.1992 to 29.10.1992

16.    Shri S N Tiwari, IPS                                  : 01.11.1992 to 20.03.1993

17.    Shri P Pillai, BSF                                      : 20.03.1993 to 22.08.1993

18.    Shri R S Mehta, BSF                                : 23.08.1993 to 04.01.1994

19.    Shri A K Mitra, IPS                                    : 04.01.1994 to 18.02.1995

20.    Shri A S Alur, BSF                                    : 18.02.1995 to 17.08.1995

21.    Shri Ajit Narayan, IPS                               : 01.09.1995 to 11.07.1997

22.    Shri V S Sirohi, BSF                                 : 11.07.1997 to 05.12.2000

23.    Shri V K Gaur, BSF                                   : 05.12.2000 to 13.01.2002

24.    Shri B K Dey, IPS                                      : 23.01.2002 to 06.02.2004

25.    Shri S C Srivastava, BSF                       : 06.02.2004 to 28.10.2005

26.    Shri A K Ghosh, BSF                                : 28.10.2005 to 30.11.2005

27.    Shri S C Srivastava, BSF                      : 12.12.2005 to 27.06.2006

28.    Shri J P Sinha, BSF                                : 07.07.2006 to 03.02.2007

29.    Shri P K Mishra, BSF                             : 03.02.2007 to 02.02.2009

30.    Shri Prithvi Raj, IPS                             : 10.02.2009 to 30.06.2010

31.    Shri R C Saxena, BSF                             : 01.07.2010 to 31.12.2010

32.    Shri Hemant Desai, BSF                       : 01.01.2011 to 25.06.2011

33.    Shri Sudesh Kumar, IPS                       : 25.06.2011 to 25.10.2011

34.    Shri M L Batham                                      : 26.10.2011 to 31.01.2012

35.    Shri Sudesh Kumar, IPS                       : 01.02.2012 to 31.07.2013

36.    Shri S. K. Srivastava                             : 01.08.2013 to 16.08.2013

37. Shri Anil Kumar, IPS                            : 17.08.2013 to 31.07.2014

38. Shri Sudesh Kumar, IPS                            : 01.08.2014 to 20.02.2016

39. Shri S. K. Srivastava                             : 21.02.2016 to 06.03.2016

40.   Shri P K Dubey                : 07.03.2016 to till date



          The Hospital under this frontier was started as State Hospital in 1966 by pooling resources from local BSF Bns. The hospital provided up-graded Medicare to the troops of Shillong Sectors for about 20 years and thereafter it was up-graded to present form in 1985. The hospital provides medical cover to I S Duty battalion of this frontier when deployed, frontier HQ Shillong, Sector HQ Shillong. STC BSF Shillong and local units. This hospital also provides OPD facilities including laboratory investigations, X-Ray, ECG and Dental care. Indoor facilities for families and men are available separately and full fledged maternity and child welfare are also functioning.